Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Esme update and 2 new Mirabilias!

I'm still working on the beautiful Esme, the background is really tough, I made the mistake of stitching it on a fabric that's almost the same color as the background. Oh well, too late to change it now. 
I was feeling a need for a new start and had some gorgeous new Polstitches fabrics to play with. 
So I decided to start Moon Maiden on opal Serenade. Gorgeous colors! It's always a nice break to work on a Mirabilia, they're so nice and easy.
And finally, for good measure, I also started an old favorite Fairy Flora. She's on opal Blue Breeze. 


  1. All your stitching is so beautiful. Esme is so stunning. Well done.

  2. Great job! I love those fabrics

  3. Esme is so beautiful. Love your new fabric:)

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  5. All so beautiful, I just love Esme

  6. Wow how many beautiful projects.
    I absolutely love your stitching.
    Great great works. :-)

  7. Wonderful work! I love it :)

  8. Wow, beautiful fabrics. I admire you for being able to work on so many charts at the same time. You are amazing :)
    I would like to send you an email with questions about the design "Cat and mouse", but nowhere I can find the contact to you. Please answer me on my email address: sabina.niwczyk@gmail.com
    It's very important for me.
    Thanks and greetings from Poland.