Saturday, November 24, 2012

BIG update

I want to update all my current projects at once, so I'll feel caught up. )
I have a couple Mirabilia projects I haven't posted on my blog at all, not sure why I guess I just didn't get around to it. They are Elizabeth and the Lavender Sky, and Scent of Old Roses. Elizabeth is straight stitching - no beads or Kreinik. She was my travel project, only got worked on now and then - but I decided she's too pretty to hide away most of the time. I'd like to finish her soon. Scent of Old Roses is exactly opposite - TONS of beads and bling(which I love)
And last but not least - GK Still Life With Fruit update. I'm hopping around a bit on it now, because I've gotten to some intense confetti. I get tired of it easily, soI  need to take breaks and stitch something easier. The effect of all that confetti is amazing though!


  1. Wow! I'm so glad you decided to post your other projects, they're so beautiful. And the GK is heaven to look at, the confetti appears to be well worth it for the effect. Great stitching on these.

  2. Oh I love Elizabeth! She's so pretty =)
    Just as beautiful as you other projects =)

  3. I am so glad you posted the Mira's, they are stunning! great stitching as always, and I am drooling over your progess on still fruit!

  4. All so big! :D but all great projects too :)

  5. You have some great pieces going! Can't wait to see more!