Friday, December 3, 2010


I got some work done on Mirabilia Fairy Idyll, as well as Chatelaine Cuban Mansions for the Chat WIP-killer contest


  1. Ana !!!!! I am in awe before your Cuban Mansion which is coming along wonderful and what could I tell you about your Fairy Idyll : just stunning!!!
    Thanks for sharing so beautiful pics with us : you deserve many many congrats on your stitchings:-))
    Have a nice week-end,

  2. Ana,
    good continuation. Your Cuban Mansion-Mandala is beautiful.
    Fairy Idyll too charming. I love the delicate colors and fairy tales.
    Good luck!

  3. Your works are wonderful.
    Happy weekend for you.

  4. Anna sweetie, you need to stop stitching things that tempt me, LOL!!! Fairy Idyll is one of my all time faves and I've been able to put her off, and then I see your gorgeous WIP. Siiiiiiigh. She's stunning! Love the fabbie you're using as well... what is it?

    The colors in Cuban is just amazing. Your dad is so going to love it. :D

  5. Thank you so much everyone!!
    Joyce - it's 14 count aida - not my fave, but I dyed it celadon myself w/ RIT dye and didn't want to practice on a pricey piece of fabby. It came out ok, so I just decided to use it - it does call for a pretty LARGE piece! :)

  6. Wow! They both look amazing!

  7. Both of your pieces are so pretty...

    Take care & Happy Stitching
    Hugs :) from Cold Snowy Northern Indiana
    Linda K, Railroad

  8. wauw, cubanmansion looks fabulous !
    and I love fairy idyle, I cannot remeber seeing that here before.
    is it a Mirabillia ?

  9. Wow these are really beautiful work. I came here through someone else. beautiful works

  10. My God Ana, more I see your Cuban manison and more it istempting me : it is terrific you think I could resist ???I don't know if Joyce will be able to resist ???
    Plus, I really like the fabric you hand-dyed , the colors pop up on it !!!
    Thanks for sharing with us this beauty:-)
    Oh !! I didn't tell you that Fairy idyll is hanged just upon my bed ....
    Have a nice day ,Isa

  11. Thank you so much Isa! All these positive comments really help keep me motivated. Cuba has been a real struggle for me in these last few sections- with non-stop mistakes and frogging :( I've wanted to give up MANY times, but it's really too far along for that!

  12. its so beautiful that i follow you