Friday, October 15, 2010

Chatelaine Wip Killer challenge

The Chatelaine Yuku board is having a wip finishing challenge, with a winner(s) being drawn at the end. The goal is to finish off one of your long-neglected or forgotten wips. I'm choosing Cuba. It's been sitting around for tooooo long, and I'd really like to finish it. I kinda got stuck on parts 10-12, after keeping up for all the previous months. I guess I just fell out of love with it and even considered giving it away to someone who would want to finish it. But it does have a TON of work put into it and I would like to finish it, and then give it away (probably to my Dad).


  1. You can do it Ana!!!! I'll cheer you on. And you soooo should finish this instead of giving it away, you've done so much and it looks gorgeous and I bet your dad will absolutely love it.

  2. this is a very beautiful piece indeed, would be a shame not to finish it !
    I know how you can sometimes fall out of love with a piece, or just want to do something else.
    but if you get re-inspired to work on it, I say go with it !

  3. Thank you ladies!! I will try to keep up my enthusiasm and at least have some progress to show for it....

  4. Ana, I agree with Joysze.
    I did not know that "Cuba-Mandala" - it's so beautiful !Continue, please.

  5. This is a beautiful Chatelaine that I seem to have overlooked. I can't wait to see more of it and I'm sure with the support of the groups you will now be able to complete it. Go Ana, go, you can do it!

  6. Wow Ana, how you're right to finish this Cuban Mandala : it will surely be a masterpiece !!
    congratulations on such a wonderful project .
    Have a sweet Sunday,

  7. Its gorgeous hun, I am entering with White Nights in St Petersburg, this will be fun

    Hugs xxxx

  8. I'm so glad others are joining in, it will be so fun to see everyone's progress!